Dhoom 3 Facts: How ‘Big’ is ‘Big’?

The Dhoom 3 campaign is only a trailer old. The film is about five weeks away from release. No songs have been released. There’s nothing substantive on-air besides the trailer. The paid TV campaign has not started.

But Dhoom 3 is already HUGE. In bold and caps. Here are three facts from Ormax Cinematix to explain this better:

1. For all of 2012, Dhoom 3 was the most-awaited film of 2013. This was at a time when many viewers were not even aware that Aamir Khan is the antagonist (more protagonist, actually) in the film. As the awareness about Aamir Khan increased, the gap between Dhoom 3 and other films, such as Krrish 3 and Chennai Express, as the most awaited film of 2013, kept widening.

2. From Aug 26 to Nov 1, we tracked the preference between Krrish 3 and Dhoom 3 everyday. Viewers were asked to pick one of the two films they were more excited about. Much of this time had the Krrish 3 campaign visible at high decibel, and no noise from Dhoom 3. Yet, the chart below shows the impact of Dhoom 3. 60-70% viewers consistently picked it as the film they are more excited to watch, between the two.

Krrish 3 vs. Dhoom 3

3. Ormax Cinematix is now 3.5 years old, and campaigns of more than 275 films have been tracked in this period. One critical parameter we track is Appeal, defined as the % aware audiences who have a definite intention to watch the film in the theatre when it releases. The Appeal score out of 100 is a reflection of the creative strength of the campaign, i.e., a mix of star cast, music, promos, concept, genre, etc.

The highest Appeal scores so far have been registered by Golmaal 3 (84 in Wk -3), Dabangg (83 in Wk 0) and Bodyguard (83 in Wk 0). Only two other films (Ek Tha Tiger & Ra.One) touched the 80-mark in at least one week. 

Dhoom 3 first crossed the 80-mark in early September, 14 weeks before its release. It consistently hovered around 77-83 levels for two months, and then last week, it became the first movie ever to break the 90-barrier. With a Wk -6 Appeal of 91, Dhoom 3 has dwarfed all other campaigns in the last three years. And there’s not even a ‘campaign’ running as of now!

Box Office Prospects

Dhoom 3 releases on a normal Friday, Dec 20. It’s not a holiday on any account. Yet, the film has a very real chance of breaking the highest single-day record set by Krrish 3 on its fourth day recently. A weekend of 80-90 crore nett domestic box office is on, and with a holiday on Day 6 (Christmas), a first week of 140 crore looks real too. Which sets the film up nicely to be the highest earner in Hindi cinema history, and a potential 250 crore candidate.

If the content fails to deliver, these numbers may be out of reach within 2-3 days. But if the trailer is any indication, that’s not likely to happen.

So, be prepared for something spectacular. Dhoom 3 may rewrite more records that what you may have originally thought.


About Shailesh Kapoor

Founder & CEO - Ormax Media. Film Lover. Media Insights Detective. Budding Author. Lifelong Student.
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13 Responses to Dhoom 3 Facts: How ‘Big’ is ‘Big’?

  1. javed says:

    Great analysis sir g….i think dhoom 3 would break each and every record….

  2. Tina Khan says:

    Nicely written but who will give the correct Box Office figures or to put it correctly whom to trust. As recently witnessed in the case of Krrish3 with so many figures floating on different websites,with manipulated figures given by producers one can really not know which film actually collected how much.Now a days its all about records.(Big films,Big stars,Released in 4000-4500 screens-good marketing-paid critics-false reporting of BO no’s.)10 – or may be 15 cr difference is still understandable but almost 35 to 40 cr difference in figures is shocking.
    But yes Agree that Dhoom 3 Appeal is huge & lets hope it does reach 250 cr without manipulation of course. Thanks for this interesting article.

  3. I heard that the film will be released only in cinemas which have Digital screens, to prevent privacy. How would this affect the business?

  4. waqas abid says:

    sir u r right.. BOI is still the most trusted site.. plz tell me what is its reputation within trade and industry… waiting for ur reply!!!

  5. Sandeep says:

    1) Does your research design for “Appeal” go beyond 19 cities in India? International?
    2) For your research, how is the sample size of 775 regular film audiences per week chosen, broadly?

  6. abhishek says:

    even i have heard that it will release only in digital theaters as adiya chopra has given the message go digital or miss dhoom 3… Do you think this may affect its box office collections..??? By the way a nicely written article….

    • Vishal says:

      the reason svesbruient chicken was good, was because we’d never seen anything like it before. and the have it your way, strategy was a solid base, but not a mind bending strategy worthy of its own accolades. and as for like no other? the guys at fallon had that force fed to them, the amount of pushbacks and meetings to get rid of it number in the thousands. but they did what they did by turning their ‘tv’ head on.and as for those of us who’ve judged cannes whilst sipping mojito’s, let me tell you, it’s no walk in the park. it’s hard to concentrate on a cinema screen for four hours when it’s coppola’s best, let alone for 8 hours a day, 6 days in a row, when you’re staring at the worlds largest ad break. they ain’t all sonys i can tell you. and if you think they’re being judged on success rather than craft and the idea? then barry scot and mr winner would have been up and down those podium steps much more than juan and co.

  7. Himanshu Manroa says:

    You said it Shailesh! You said it much before anyone else! Dhoom 3 is actually doing all that you predicted…exactly, precisely to the T!! Kudos to the reliability, credibility and accuracy of Ormax Cinematix!

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