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The much-abused media word: Passion!

“What is the one thing about this role that interested you so much that you applied for it?” Over a decade now, having met more than a hundred ‘candidates’ (I prefer the expression ‘potential team members’, but it is a … Continue reading

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Dhoom 3 Facts: How ‘Big’ is ‘Big’?

The Dhoom 3 campaign is only a trailer old. The film is about five weeks away from release. No songs have been released. There’s nothing substantive on-air besides the trailer. The paid TV campaign has not started. But Dhoom 3 … Continue reading

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Is Bollywood Really a ‘Religion’?

There are many stereotypes that have stayed in the film industry over years. The one about not releasing a film in ‘shraadhs’ stands out as outdated in particular. With release windows becoming an increasing challenge, every opportunity needs to be … Continue reading

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