Indian Film Awards: 10 Things That Will Never Change

It’s that time of the year. Film awards are here by the dozen. Last weekend was particularly packed. Saturday saw the on-air telecast of Colors Screen Awards, while Zee Cine Awards were shown on Sunday, even as the ground event for Filmfare Awards (Sony) happened the same day.

The weekend before, The Golden Globe Awards were telecast live. The sheer contrast in the quality of event execution should shake us up deeply. I’m not even speaking about the production scale here, but of the ideas, the script and the precision of their execution. Not to speak about the categories being more logical than all the Indian awards (true even more so for the Academy Awards).

It is not as if the Indian award shows don’t rate well. But, we don’t have a marquee event that rates 8+. We don’t lack the talent required to produce better award shows either. But every year, at the time of International events like The Academy Awards and The Golden Globes, we, including those of us who follow Hollywood only from a distance, lament about how things should change with the Indian award shows.

But this is an area where one can confidently say – Things will never change. Here are ten reasons why:

1. Film stars will never arrive on time for a live red carpet that can hence end within an hour.

2. Some top stars will never stay back for the entire show. They will arrive “just in time” for their performance and / or their award.

3. Film award events will never be telecast live, as a result of 1 and 2 above.

4. Lobbying for awards will never end. Categories will continue to be created to “accommodate” stars.

5. Inane categories like Negative Role, Comic Role, Action Film, Rising Star, etc. will continue to exist, to please more stars.

6. Nominations will continue to be ad hoc, with the winner in one major award not even managing a nomination in another.

7. Acceptances speeches of technicians will be edited out of the TV versions of the events, as they are not “mass” enough.

8. New award shows will continue to mushroom because either someone sees a business model in them, or wants to be associated with glamour, even if the association comes out-of-pocket.

9. The film industry will never unite to decide that they need only one (maximum two) award shows, which they will whole-heartedly back and attend, while they ignore the rest.

10. Unless all this changes, Aamir Khan will continue to boycott Indian film awards, and Salman will not go on stage to collect his awards.

Never say never, said Charles Dickens. Never say never, said Justin Bieber too! But then, some things will never change anyway.

This post first appeared on, on my weekly column ‘TV Trail’

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