Product Showcase: Celebritix

In July 2012, we launched our latest product Celebritix, targeted at advertisers and media agencies. This article showcases key features of Celebritix, using some case studies.

What is Celebritix?

Celebritix is a celebrity evaluation software product, based on consumer research. It allows advertisers and media agencies to evaluate celebrity options being considered for endorsement. It also allows them to evaluate film options being considered for brand association or in-film placement.

How does Celebritix work?

Celebritix is based on consumer data collected every quarter, for more than 50 celebrities, across films, sports and television. Consumers are asked to score each celebrity on 20 dimensions, whose list is given below:

Celebritix Personality Dimensions

Good Looking

Youthful Adventurous Vivacious


Hot & Sexy Modern Bindaas Righteous



Energetic Bold Humble


Masculine/ Feminine Stylish Fun Innovative


The consumer data is uploaded every quarter. Advertisers and media agencies who have subscribed to Celebritix have the software installed on their desktops. They can define their brand profile in the software, i.e., the target audience (gender, age, SEC) and the dimensions. They can assign choose the dimensions that their brands represent (out of the 20) and assign weighs to them (%).

Basis the brand profile, the software analyzes the celebrity data and calculates an OCX Score (Ormax Celebritix Score) for each celebrity being evaluated. The OCX score is a measure of the fit between the brand and the celebrity, and can be used to take decisions on celebrity choices.

Case Studies

Let’s look at three case studies that will help us understand Celebritix better. These cases are hypothetical and the choice of brands, target audience and dimensions is purely for illustrative purposes.

Case 1: Nokia wants to select a young film star (i.e., less than 35 years age) as their new brand endorsers

Nokia’s TG: MF 18-44 SEC AB

Nokia’s desired brand dimensions: Intelligent (30%), Stylish (30%), Successful (20%), Youthful (20%)

The table below illustrates the results based on Celebritix.



Intelligent Stylish Successful


Katrina Kaif 65 50 76 67


Kareena Kapoor 64 59 65 69 65
Priyanka Chopra 55 47 61 54 57
Vidya Balan 54 57 49 60 53
Ranbir Kapoor 45 33 56 37 56
Deepika Padukone 41 33 50 31 50
Anushka Sharma 37 29 50 23 43
Shahid Kapoor 36 27 44 26 47
Bipasha Basu 34 23 49 30 32
Genelia D’Souza 32 29 40 19 37
Sonakshi Sinha 30 25 33 19 43
Sonam Kapoor 22 21 29 12 25
Imran Khan 20 16 19 18 28
Emraan Hashmi 17 13 23 18 15

Interestingly, the top four recommendations are female stars. Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor score well ahead of Ranbir Kapoor. While Kareena leads on the “Intelligent” dimension, along with Vidya Balan, Katrina more than makes up for it on the other three dimensions, especially “Stylish”.

Case 2: Tata Docomo have Ranbir Kapoor as their brand ambassador. They want to understand how best to use Ranbir in their ads, in a way that Ranbir’s strengths are used optimally.

Tata Docomo’s TG: MF 18-44 SEC AB

The table below shows Ranbir Kapoor’s scores across the 20 dimensions in Docomo’s target audience:

Dimension Ranbir Kapoor
Modern 57
Stylish 56
Youthful 56
Good Looking 54
Hot & Sexy 49
Vivacious 47
Fun 46
Innovative 45
Bindaas 42
Fit 42
Humble 42
Sophisticated 42
Masculine 40
Righteous 38
Energetic 37
Successful 37
Adventurous 34
Bold 34
Trustworthy 34
Intelligent 33

The top four dimensions for Ranbir Kapoor are Modern, Stylish, Youthful and Good-Looking. It can be argued that the recent Docomo commercials, where Ranbir plays older characters, are more in the Fun & Innovative space, and hence, are not making the best possible use of Ranbir’s personality. A younger, more glamorized campaign look is recommended, to communicate the brand message.

Case 3: Axe wants to evaluate two upcoming films for brand associations – Shootout At Wadala and Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani

Axe’s TG: Males, 18-30 yrs., SEC AB

Axe’s desired brand dimensions: Hot & Sexy (1/3rd), Masculine (1/3rd) & Youthful (1/3rd).

There are two aspects on which the evaluation between the two films can happen:

  1. The fit between the stars and the brands
  2. The box office potential of the films

The table below captures the brand fit (OCX) scores of the lead stars of the two films for Axe:

Film Star  OCX Hot & Sexy Masculine Youthful
Shootout At Wadala John Abraham 51 63 53 36
Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani Ranbir Kapoor 41 50 25 48

While Ranbir Kapoor is more “youthful” than John Abraham, the latter scores higher on “Hot & Sexy” and is more than twice Ranbir’s score on “Masculine” (Note: The target audience here is different from Nokia and Tata Docomo, and hence, the scores are different too).

As a result, basis the star fit, Shootout At Wadala emerges as the better bet for a tie-up for Axe.

As a second step, let’s look at the box office potential for both the films, captured through FBO (First-Day Forecast) of the films, based on starcast, banner, director, genre, theme, etc. FBO is calculated using Ormax Media’s proprietary model based on the movie research work done by the company. FBO for both Shootout At Wadala and Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani is currently in a similar range of Rs. 9-10 crore.

Hence, Shootout At Wadala is the recommended choice of film for Axe.

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7 Responses to Product Showcase: Celebritix

  1. Wow! Stuff about Ranbir is quite surprising! Good stuff Shailesh.

  2. Shreyash says:

    Although its based on research … I really do not buy the idea of associating a brand like AXE with Shootout instead of YJHD … AXE as a brand stands for youthfulness and the fun quotient, which YJHD as a brand also stands for. Shootout is a more serious film and associating a fun brand like AXE that is driven by the idea of women falling for a man works more for YJHD

    • Interesting. What you talk about is more like a “filter”. It’s similar to the Nokia example, where only stars below 35 yrs age have been considered. Stars above 35 won’t be considered, even if they scored higher than all these 35- stars on the OCX for Nokia. For the films, the filter could be that the film should not be an action film. But that’s a brand call, not our call. As mentioned, data is for illustrative purpose only 🙂

  3. nikhil sharma says:

    hahaha..You u want to say Katrina is more intelligent than Priyanka..

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