Does ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ Need Marketing At All?

August 15, 2012. Yashraj Films will release their first-ever Salman Khan starrer Ek Tha Tiger. The teaser is already out. In the next ten weeks, we know what to expect. High decibel marketing, backed by aggressive music promotion and PR. All leading upto an obviously record-breaking opening day and weekend (in all its variants, like three-day, five-day, etc.)

But imagine a scenario. What if YRF were to decide not to promote Ek Tha Tiger at all. By “at all”, I really mean “at all”. No promos, no posters, no music release, no song videos, no stills, no stories, nothing. What if they had sent out just one message to the media just one time: That Ek Tha Tiger, starring Salman Khan, is releasing on August 15, 2012. Just the lead star name and the release data information. Nothing else.

Now, can we even begin to think how this will pan out? On last count, there are around 43 national channels that thrive on mainstream Bollywood for their content. No prizes for guessing what these channels will do. They will go out of the way to get their scoops. What is Salman’s look in the film? What is the story about? Where was the film shot? Why are the makers not marketing the film? Can you visualize the airtime this will generate? If I were a Hindi news channel editor, I’d see this as a mouth-watering prospect.

Then there is the Internet. The medium that knows no bounds. The medium that’s the second biggest driver of a film’s campaign appeal today (Source: Ormax Media Effectiveness Research for Hindi Films). The release date will viral across of course. As will the concept of not promoting the film at all. Before you know it, we will have fan posters doing the rounds on facebook and twitter, and fan trailers on YouTube. Without as much as spending a rupee, YRF may end up with the most innovative online film campaign you will ever hope to see.

And how can we forget the tabloids! They will write out of vengeance. The vengeance of being deprived of juicy stories because of the no-marketing policy. They will write what they want to. They anyway do that most of the times.

But all this to what effect? Can a film that’s targeting a day 1 business of at least 27-28cr be able to achieve the same with this strategy? Perhaps not. But it won’t fall way short either. I’d guess that such a strategy will still give it a day 1 of 20cr+. If the content is good (an underlying assumption of any no-marketing gamble), the number will multiply as the “secrets” will begin to get revealed with each show, each day. Imagine, you will have to go to the theatre to see how Salman looks in the film. Unless you want to rely on grainy, pirated pics.

Repeat business will grow manifold. People will go again to see the songs. The music will not be available anywhere else. There will be no option but to consume everything on Ek Tha Tiger at only one destination – the big screen. Over its lifetime, this will definitely result in a higher revenue figure than a conventional campaign may have. Not to talk about saving the marketing dollar.

I know I’m writing this more for fun. The teaser and the poster are out, and YRF has no intention of doing anything but the most aggressive marketing job on the film.

I wish a film tries this some day. But unfortunately, only a Salman Khan film is in the position today to achieve this. And unlike Dabangg 2, where the intrigue is limited given that the film is a sequel, Ek Tha Tiger would have been a golden opportunity.

End of fantasy. Now bring out the promos, the songs, the PR, the works.

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Founder & CEO - Ormax Media. Film Lover. Media Insights Detective. Budding Author. Lifelong Student.
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20 Responses to Does ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ Need Marketing At All?

  1. khaleed says:

    Completely agree with you. Even without zero promotion EK THA TIGER can hit 20cr+ mark on it’s first day.Salman is the only one star today who can do that.

  2. khaleed says:

    I hope Ek Tha Tiger lives up to all of our expectations……Good luck salman……….

  3. zolaan says:

    wow.. what a superlative thought.. in my view if this stratergy works then the film like ek tha tiger will be bigger than hum aapke hai kaun!!

  4. vijay says:

    Awesome Article..Only Salman Khan film can achieve this..

  5. Success of super crap and unintentionally funny movies has proved that it’s state of country and the way people are perceiving it. We celebrate escapist cinema given the struggle we are subjected to. Such is the state of our mind that we need some constant entertainment, and all top 5-6 actors are capable of pulling off good business from nonsensical movies.

    There are around 2800 screens, assuming occupancy of 225 seats / screen and weighted ticket price of INR 100, one can book business of INR 6.3 crore for each show. Four shows can make circa INR 25 crore in a day and it would effectively require mere 1 crore of footfall to the theater, which is not even 1% of our population.

    What this exemplifies is movie which can engage audience through good music, story, visual aesthetics and deft actors has potential to easily make INR 550 crore in 2012 itself. Capacity and potential wise we are not very far from competing Hollywood, but content wise we are distant apart – and SRK and Salman put together can only churn out dud like Karan Arjun or Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam. ohh wait probably these are landmark movies, even doing “Chinta Ta Ta Chita Chita” can set the box-office ablaze.

    • Excellent points. 550 cr is not impossible. But we need a genuinely good film and a way of making the non theatre goers visit theatres. Content is a real issue today. Shanghai is supposed to be outstanding. Let’s see what it does. If it manages 75cr lifetime, it will mean a lot.

  6. Bandy says:

    Zero promotion is impossible. But I think they should go easy on promotions. Heavy duty promotions are not needed at all. One month of decent promotions is enough for this film.

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  8. asim says:

    what is the buzz and tracking for Ek Tha Tiger in week 10 ??

  9. rajeev singh says:

    maybe for fun, but it’s a noble thought……

  10. Cricendulkar says:

    More practical would be to release the teaser,music and leave? Actors have movie lined up every month or two so say for example:Does akshay expects his movies to do well for 2 or 3 months?the answer is, no! Anyway,salman maintains certain dignity while promoting his movies unlike srk or some other psuedo stars.

  11. ninja says:

    jalne wale jalte raho ett tiger first day 30cr hoga hahaha.,.sir ji apne bilkul sahi likha pr muje lagta he agr promotion na bhi tb bhi 25cr se jyada ki collection hogi .,.

  12. ninja says:

    deepak and dd tum dono ki jal gyi yrrr .,.sach ka samna karo .,,15th auguest ko history ka hisa bno .,.history ka hisa bnne ke liye ek hi moka milta he wo tum logo ko 15august ko mile ga 🙂

  13. Amazing Article Man, Love this to core….. True Every Word !!

  14. Sanjay Nair says:

    i dont thnk it needs marketing as the day it has been declaed dat salman khan is doin movie named Ek Tha Tiger, people around are reall looking forward for the same & as the promos wch are runnin on tv’s & theatres it has alrdy attracted a big crowd, more of marketin wud reveal the story partially wch i blv would allow the crowd to know wat the movie exactly has in it & the crowd wch wud turnup up wud be less, dats wat i blv

  15. shreyas says:

    Dear Sir
    I salute to ur grt n novel idea but i fear it would turn into reality first because it demands the movie should be great i.e wom should be very high in reality very few star studded movie has good wom they all run basd on there hype.
    also in my opinion only amir khan can do such experimnt successfuly no other actor has such persona to carry out.

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  17. Himanshu Manroa says:

    Excellent Idea Shailesh! Can’t imagine a landmark mainstream film ever attempting a ‘Curiosity’ campaign! But if anyone does dare, it would be huge!! A Salman-Yashraj movie (imagine, it’s a once in a lifetime phenomenon, the 2 haven’t ever got together since Salman’s debut 25 years ago…and neither does there appear any chance of an encore) doing the complete ‘no-promotion’ strategy would’ve been an ‘Aamir-class’ marketing strategy. The stroke of a genius!

    And now that we are talking Aamir, I hope that somewhere Aamir reads this, picks this and the ballsy marketer that he has always been – IMPLEMENTS THIS! There isn’t much info about Talaash anyways. So why not, go the complete shut the media route! It would be the most daring media strategy EVER! And with an Aamir at the centre of it, it has all the chances of roof-shattering returns!! The black market would come alive. There would be serpentine queues all-night long (just like Harry Potter books) for the first-first show advance. The fans and media would go berserk! I can already imagine a riot-like situation across the country. Imagine hearing an ‘All is well’ kind of chartbuster for the first-time in the theatre. And so privileged and dazed the first show watchers would actually be that I am sure they would completely miss the content! (amidst soaking in the atmosphere) 🙂 They’ll actually come back to watch and understand the movie the 2nd time. The social media would go mad, with posts like ‘I was there!’ doing the routine!

    If one is confident about the product, the content, the ability to keep the hawks away, then infact this could be the most kick-ass marketing strategy ever. Remember, the Rajshris more or less attempting this during Hum Aapke Hain Kaun in 1994. And the results, we all know, were historic! Wasn’t it the first time we heard figures like 100 crores?

  18. shashank says:

    ett will be huge as all hindu say ganpati bappa moriya on wednesday & muslims on monday id mubarak so hit h boss

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